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   Scholarship Letter Of Intent

I have been a content- and copy editor since I was six years old, when I told my older sister she couldn't rhyme "university" with "converse city," and also that "university" did not start with a Y. With the {Scholarship Name} scholarship, I intend to start the process of turning my passion for grammar and spelling into a paid career.

In {month} I will attend {School} to pursue an undergraduate degree in English Literature. I am already a published author, with my short stories appearing in {Publications}. I am passionate about LGBTQIA+ writing and giving it a platform. In high school I ran Open Press, a publication for the Pride chapter of our school. As the senior editor, I was in charge of material selection, layout, printing, and distribution. The marriage of my two great loves-literature and attention to detail-was consummated quite passionately in that publication.

{Scholarship} is an amazing opportunity to give me hands-on experience in a real-world setting as an editor, an opportunity I will use to hone my craft, apply to graduate school in publishing, and start a publication for minority voices in the publishing world. I fully intend to use this scholarship to change the world for the better.

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