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   Real Estate Letter Of Intent

This is a letter of intent for {Buyer} (hereafter "The Buyer") to purchase property from {Seller Name} (hereafter "The Seller"). The terms of this letter shall include the groundwork and requirements for a Purchase Agreement, but in this form shall be considered nonbinding. All terms and conditions within this letter refer to the Property outlined below, and will be considered null and void after the Negotiation Period is complete, as of {date}.

The Buyer seeks to purchase the Property at {Address, location}. A complete, legal description can be found in Exhibit A [see attachment]. The Buyer also seeks to purchase the Seller's rights and titles to {government contracts, entitlements, and allocations}.

The Buyer proposes the following purchase price: {amount}. {Amount} will be paid upon the signing of the Purchase Agreement, {amount} will be paid upon closing, and the remainder will be paid in {amount} on a {frequency} basis. All payments will be made to the Seller or the Seller's agents and assigns.

The Property is subject to the following public, federal, state, and zoning laws or restrictions: {List}

The Property is sold with all integral and structural fixtures and attachments, including (but not limited to): {List}

The following fixtures and attachments are excluded from the purchase of the Property: {List}

The Buyer shall have {number} days to conduct an inspection of the Property using tools and personnel of the Buyer's choosing to determine if any elements of the Property are damaged or unsafe.

{Additional Provisions}

This letter of intent shall not be considered a legally binding or actionable document.

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