Letter of Intent Examples

   Letter Of Intent To Lease

This letter serves to outline the terms and conditions approved by both the Landlord and the Tenant for {property}. The Landlord intends to lease said property to the Tenant starting {date}. No part of this letter of intent shall be considered binding to either party.

The Landlord will lease the aforementioned property to the Tenant on a {term amount} basis, with renewal possible after {date}. Should the Tenant break the lease before {date}, he or she will be subject to {conditions}.

The Tenant will pay {amount} every month, no later than {date}. Payment made after {date} will incur a {fee} fee.

The Landlord will be responsible for repairs and maintenance on the house that occur by wear-and-tear or acts of nature. The Tenant will be charged for willful or accidental damage caused by reckless or malicious behavior.

The Tenant will not be allowed to {play loud music/smoke/own a pet/etc.}. Violations of these rules will result in {consequence}.

The Tenant's credit must be above {number}. The Tenant's income must be equal to or greater than {amount} per year. The Tenant must pass a background check with {rental history and criminal record requirements}.

{Other requirements}.

Upon the Tenant's acceptance of these terms, the Landlord will initiate a background and credit check, which will be paid for by the {Tenant/Landlord}. Neither party is bound to exclusivity during the investigation period. No part of this letter shall be considered legally binding.

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