Letter of Intent Examples

   Letter Of Intent To Homeschool

I am writing this letter as a declaration of intent to enroll my child(ren) in a homeschool program.

I am the legal guardian of the following children, and each of them is between the ages of {minimum age} and {maximum age}, as required by the state of {State}:

{Child Name, Age, DOB}

{Child Name, Age, DOB}

{Child Name, Age, DOB}

The children live at {Address} in {School District}.

The homeschool program will begin on {date} and end on {date}. In accordance with the law, the children will receive {number} days of education (provided they are physically capable of attending), and each day will consist of at least {number of hours} of lessons.

The homeschool program will be {full-time/part-time}. For {number of days annually}, the children will attend {School Name} in {district}.

I {will/will not} have a certificated supervisor from the state of {State} overseeing my program.

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