Letter of Intent Examples

   Letter Of Intent To Apply For Grant

{Organization} is seeking funding through the {Grant Name} Grant in order to {purpose/project}. {Project} would provide {service or benefit} to {demographic} by {outline of steps}. {Project} is part of {Organization}'s larger mission to {mission}.

{Purpose} is an issue that {Organization} has targeted since {date}, and this project would work to {definitive outcome}. The funding from {Grant} would be applied to the following structural requirements: {division of funding}. The anticipated outcome would be {specific numbers}.

{Organization} is a {number}-year-old organization dedicated to {goals}. Since {date}, it has received {awards/funding/grants} that have helped more than {number of people} achieve {outcome}.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to sending you our full proposal soon.

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