Letter of Intent Examples

   Letter Of Intent To Adopt

On {date}, I, {Name}, and my spouse, {Name}, welcomed {Child Name} into our home. While it was intended to be temporary while {Child} waited for reunification with {his/her} parent, we have come to love {him/her} as our own child. We would like to adopt {Child} and make {him/her} a permanent and legal part of our family.

{Child} was born on {date} and is {number} years old. {He/she} has lived with us for the last {number} years. When {he/she} came to us, {he/she} had particular problems with {issue}. {Description of issue}. We understood that this behavior came from previously experienced trauma. We have approached the situation with love and now, after firm boundaries and a lot of positive reinforcement, {outcome}.

{Child} is a wonderful, loving member of our family. {He/she} adores {activity} with {Name} and {activity} with me. Our eldest child, {Name}, is teaching {him/her} to {skill}, and we all participate weekly in individual and family therapy to make sure that {Child} is receiving the support that {he/she} needs to thrive.

{Name} and I are financially stable and intent on giving {Child} a good education and a positive home environment. {Name} is a {Job Title} and I work as a {Job Title}. We are capable and willing to provide for {Child} in every way we can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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