Letter of Intent Examples

   Letter Of Intent Business Acquisition

This letter serves as notification of {Name/Organization}'s intent to purchase {Company}, and our mutual interest in the transaction. No requirements or requests laid out in this document shall be considered binding to either party.

The Buyer envisages the following terms and conditions as mutually beneficial to both parties:

The Buyer will take control of the Company starting {date}. The Buyer will pay {amount} in {payment type}. {Amount} will be paid by {date}, with installments of {amount} over {amount of time}.

The Buyer will purchase all of the Seller's rights, entitlements, stocks, bonds, liens, debts, and holdings, excluding the following: {List}

The Buyer will seek to retain the employment of the following employees: {Names}. The employment will be renegotiated between the employee and the Buyer to determine position, salary, benefits, and stocks.

The Buyer will be permitted {number of days} to perform due diligence into the Company's workings, funding, capital, and assets.

The Buyer and Seller will be responsible for their own investigative, brokering, and transaction fees during the Purchase Agreement.

Prior to the official announcement of an acquisition, the Buyer and the Seller will keep all information regarding this transaction private.

Upon agreement of these terms, the Seller will grant the Buyer exclusivity rights to the purchase of the Company, and will not use this letter of intent as leverage for another buyer.

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