Letter of Intent Examples

   College Letter Of Intent

I credit {College} with seeding my interest in {area of study}. After {a childhood field trip/recent college tour/etc.}, I learned of the stellar program you offer. I'm a particular fan of the writings and research of {professor}.

It is my desire and intent to enroll in {College} in the fall. I have submitted my official application as well as financial aid documents, but I wanted to reach out to you personally to emphasize my interest.

I feel that I would bring a lot to the school and its {area of study} program. I have {skills/interests} that help make me a perfect fit for these pursuits. My ultimate career goal is to join the ranks of successful {College} graduates with a position in {field}.

I also wanted to make sure you are aware of my accomplishments and awards, so I'm attaching a CV of sorts to this letter.

Thank you for the opportunity for me to express my strong intentions.

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